GTA 6 leakers declared that Rockstar Games’ co-founder Sam Houser has leaked a couple of GTA 6 locations in 2013.

According to the information the next Grand theft Auto game may set in the cities mentioned in “secret document”.

Also, the leaks are coming straight from a document authored by Sam Houser.

If even some part of it is true then it means the game was already in development seven years ago, while we are still waiting for an official announcement of the project in 2020.

The leakers are Yan2295 and Razed, they have leaked couple of GTA information in the past also.

This time they have got their hands on this “secret document” containing possible GTA 6 locations leaks.

GTA 6 Locations leaked in 2013

Razed is the one who has acquired the document and he has summed up all the leaked location details in a six-minute GTA 6 video.

GTA 5 map was already the biggest open-world map in the franchise, which means GTA VI will have a much bigger map than that.

GTA 6 Locations leaked Details

In the video, he claimed that 60 people were working on GTA VI in early 2013, a lot of locations were suggested but nothing was solid.

He mentioned one idea from one of the people working on it “a possible return to the Miami-inspired settings of the vice city”.


Vice city is not the only city mentioned in “secret file”, in the video we can also see the names of other cities too.

  • Vegas in the 1970s – Casino/Las Venturas
  • Chicago/Detroit – snowy location
  • Mexico City
  • Small town GTA – tight stories, more realism, if wanted you are on the run for a while

Some of the past leaks claimed that “a move to Bogotá in Columbia” could be set for GTA 6, but as we have watched in the video there is no mention of such city.

Two cities which are clearly making headlines in every GTA 6 possible locations leaks are Vice City and Fort Lauderdale but nothing is yet sure.

Anyways, the video did claim that players will experience a time travel back to 1970s some 50 years ago.

And this will be exciting and if Rockstar Games is actually working on this project since 2013 that means GTA VI is going to be the best in the franchise.

Also, it is hard to say if these leaks are totally accurate or not, even if they are, the locations mentioned in the video were added seven years ago and they could have been changed now.

We will keep updating you if we find any other news regarding it.

Source: Dexerto

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