GTA online new update may have some possible GTA 6 leaks, to be precise these are two states which we might see in the next GTA series.

After the recent GTA online Open Wheel Series, many GTA fans think that they have found two locations teased in one of the new tracks.

Since the last of 2019 players has been digging hard in GTA V and GTA Online updates for any little leak.

We also have witnessed some of these teasers like the advertisement back in January.

Now players believe that the new Diamond Heist update has possibly leaked two locations from the next game.

GTA 6 leaks reveal two big locations

One player “tenet007” posted on Imgur that GTA Online Open Wheel Series race track – The Height of Society – appears to show the new location for GTA 6.

He posted pictures showing resemblance to what he believes is Mexico and Florida on the map.

According to him, the bottom right side of the track appears to be Florida while viewed from above while on the left-hand side of the map it appears to be the shape of Mexico.

GTA 6 leaks may suggest two big locations

To justify more of his statement he then mentioned a post from “supposed to be Rockstar insider” – gonnaenodaethat.

This is what gonnaenodaethat posted on Reddit 6 days ago.

GTAForums user “gonnaenodaethat” knows something that we don’t know? from r/GTA6

At the beginning of March when GTA V online Open Wheel series the supposed insider “gonnaenodaethat” said “cartographers start your engines!!” which some thought was some kind of hint to check F1 tracks.

One other leaker posted that Rockstar will reveal GTA 6 at the beginning of April.

Well, it is not clear whether to belive on tenet explanation of supposed GTA 6 leaks or its connection to GTA 6 release.

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