A GTA 6 leak claims that the game’s announcement date is very near – it also reveals some of the locations in-game.

Fans from Grand theft Auto community are eagerly waiting for their next big game from Rockstar Games.

Every player is doing their best to find any piece of content may be in GTA online or any other source to get some upper hand on what to expect from next big GTA title – GTA 6 and When to expect it.


Yesterday a leaker posted some information of locations hinted in one of GTA online Open Wheel race tracks.

Now another leaker claims that the announcement of the game is not that far (in support of the last leaker).

The anonymous leaker posted the announcement details, saying it is from someone working inside Rockstar.

Still, he has some more information about what we can expect to see in GTA 6.

GTA 6 leak reveals announcement date

The leaked information claims that at the end of march GTA 6 will be announced.

And players will be starting their journey from Miami inspired Vice City.

However, the one thing that is different from other leaks is that it claims that there will be only single-mode available, while other leaks claim that players will have the choice to play different characters like GTA V.

GTA 6 announcement date as leaked by the anonymous leaker.

The claimer also says that the leaks from the past are also true.

He said that the drugs dealing will play a huge role in GTA 6 storyline.

Moreover, he also says that GTA Online would be much less “pay to win” than in GTA V – something that plenty of fans have complained about.

One another leaker claimed that on Wednesday, March 25 GTA 6 will be revealed.

And finally, as for all the leaks, we can’t trust anything until Rockstar itself reveals information about the game.

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