GTA 6 Leak: Launch Date, Map, Location.

After almost 6 years of last Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game. We have intel on GTA 6 Leak: Launch Date Map and where the game is set.

In the upcoming GTA 6 game, you will be playing as a “Dug lord-wannabe” dealing in Vice City and South America.

GTA 6 is in under production since 2015.

A Reddit user “JackOLantern 1982” stated that

“I also have a very dear friend who works for Rockstar, he won’t confirm the details, but he won’t deny them either. Normally if something is not true, he’ll flat out deny but here he laughed and said ‘you know I can’t talk about that stuff bro'”.

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Gta 6 Map
GTA V map

The game is code Named “GTA 6 PROJECT AMERICAS” and all the studios across the globe are working on this project.

According to leaks, the game map is set in both Vice city and a new fictional location in “Rio de Janeiro”. There are two other locations which are also in talks that are Liberty City and Cuba.

Unlike GTA V you can play only one character and which is also a male not female according to GTA 6 leak.

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GTA 6 Story

GTA 6 is more likely to show the change of eras from the 70s to 80s where you will be playing up and coming drug lord-wannabe. Which will be dealing with cocaine smuggler in Vice City and South America before making connections in the big scene.

The game is also reported to consider sensitive topics like HIV and immigration confrontation.

As the game is set to show the swap of eras fro the 70s to 80s so the buildings and cars will also be going under a change in this change of era.

Which will make some of the vehicles to be available for a limited period of time and the value of old cars will increase with increasing time.

GTA 6 Launch Date

According to leaks, you won’t be able to play GTA 6 on current PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

The name, locations, details can be changed as the game is still in development.

The game is more likely to release in 2020.

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