GTA 6 in Canada? Metal Gear Solid voice actor “David Hayter” sparks rumour in the community after a tweet.

GTA 6 is still one year away as suggested by rumours, but players are very much
desperate to know every bit of details regarding the most-awaited GTA title.

Many people are trying to create rumours about GTA 6 locations and release date from
a very long time, we have seen, release date rumours, location rumours and moreover
a Twitch stream with countdown for a possible GTA 6 release.

Now, new information from David Hayter an industry veteran gave new hope to
players – Gta 6 in Canada, after he tweeted what could be a possible location of
GTA 6, but it wasn’t what everyone was expecting it to be later he clarified what is meant.

GTA 6 in Canada?

On May 21 David made a tweet about the sixth instalment of the game, revealing that
the next title from the franchise may be set in Canada.

Hayter simply posted “GTAVI” with the hashtag “#TORONTO.” The tweet quickly went viral as players began to ask him what he meant. and in two days, the post has over 3.9k likes.


After rumours started to spread people started asking him, what he meant, which
he later confirms in another tweet mentioning that he wasn’t trying to announce
anything officially, rather he was just making assumptions about where next title
can be set.


“To avoid an internet incident…this was just a suggestion,” he followed up, while also including a gif of the Canadian city. Unfortunately, this did no effect on stopping rumours from spreading, many players still believe that this was a “hint” about the next title location despite his denial.

This is the first time that Canada is mentioned for GTA 6 location, but as fast as rumours
spread, it shot down at the same speed.

However, till now the only leak of information that everyone should believe is from
Michael’s voice actor Ned Luke who denied every leak and said: “DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANYTHING that you see on the internet!”

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