Gran Turismo 7 Release date, features and many more details revealed during Sony’s PS5 reveal event, Polyphony Digital officially confirms the development of Gran Turismo 7.

Gran Turismo is finally releasing with next-gen console capabilities and
many new features coming with the game, during the Sony’s PS5 event
many game developing companies revealed some of their upcoming
projects and teasers.

One of them being was Gran Turismo 7, the developing studio Polyphony
Digital shares some astonishing features about the game in a teaser
and here is everything we know about the game from the event.


Career Mode returning in GT7

GT founder Kazunori Yamauchi revealed that the career mode will be
returning in GT7 after 7 years, and that he belives that the return of
the mode will make players of high-octane racing series “very happy”.

“Today I would like to share with everyone some information about the new Gran Turismo that we are very excited about,” he added, “I think this new Gran Turismo should make fans very happy, especially with the campaign mode. It should be something fun to look forward to.”


However, in the trailer, we can clearly see some of the new features
coming to the game and the return of the fan-favourite Trial Mountain

According to the developers, the Gran Turismo will be more realistic
than ever and players will be able to “sense” the other drivers and
“feel” the road better than before with the PS5’s 3D audio and the
controller’s haptic feedback features.

Gran Turismo 7 Release Date

However, despite all the information regarding new modes and circuit
there is no confirmation on the release date of Gran turismo 7.

Although, the PS5 release date is around Holiday of 2020 and it is
belived that the game will also release around the same.

Gran Turismo 7 PS5 trailer

Trailer of the game speaks for itself, inside the trailer we can witness
some of the astonishing and realistic graphics of the environment and

Here is the GT7 announcment Trailer

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