Minerva: Google and Faceit chat AI has started to ban players.

We all have a gamer inside us and we all love competitive game that high adrenaline rush during 1v1 intense situation we all love that.

But there are many players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive who are much toxic to frustrate you.

To tackle these Toxic players Google and Faceit have come together to create a chat AI “Minerva“.

It analyze chat messages and bans toxic players.

Minerva has addressed 7,000,000 messages and warned 90,000 users.

It has banned over 20,000 users.

The percentage of toxic messages has dropped 20% in August and September.

How does Minerva work to ban players?

  • Identify promptly any kind of toxic behaviour happening in a match
  • Ensure that if a player behaves in a toxic way action is taken immediately
  • Provide players with feedback on what they did wrong to correct their
  • Repeat offenders punishments get harsher every time a player commits the same abuse over a short period of time

“In-game chat detection is only the first and most simplistic of the application of “Minerva” and more of a case study that serves as the first step towards our vision for this AI.

We are really excited about this foundation as it represents a strong base that will allow us to improve Minerva until we finally detect and address all kinds of abusive behaviours in real-time.

In the coming weeks, we will announce new systems that will support Minerva in her training “

as stated by Faceit in their Blog.

There is a lot more to be added into this chat AI and both Google and Faceit are working hard on this chat AI to ban toxic players who spoil the game of other players also.

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