Apex Legends is soon going to release on Nintendo Switch and to be precise on March 9. However, in the recent trailer video one can easily spot the new P.A.T.H pathfinder skin which will be available for only a limited time.


  • Apex Legends is finally releasing for Nintendo Switch on March 9.
  • In the trailer video, we can clearly spot the upcoming “P.A.T.H” Pathfinder skin.

Apex Legends has been one of the leading games in the Battle Royale genre and has been grown
a lot since its release. And on March 9 it will also be available for Nintendo Switch players.

Moreover, the game is also going to release for Mobile devices later in 2021. Earlier this
Nintendo release was planned for the same time as the launch of Season 8 but due to some issues
it was pushed back to March 2021.

However, this does not mean that players on Switch would not be getting any benefits, according
to officials from Apex Legends, players will be getting the first 30 levels of the Season 8 battle pass
for free, and also double XP will also be activated for the first two weeks after launch.

Apex Legends officials have also released a trailer showcasing the gameplay on Switch and in
the video, game seems to work completely fine regardless of concerns regarding resolution and frame rate from fans.

As of now, there is no statement from officials regarding what frame rate they will be maintaining
however, the officials did have confirmed that the Nintendo version of the game will have fill
features as Pc and Console version.

The Cross-play will also be enabled at the time of launch so players can easily team up with their
friends on PC and Consoles.

New Pathfinder skin: P.A.T.H

Exclusive to Nintendo Switch users, you will unlock the P.A.T.H skin for free – but the offer is only available for a limited time. Starting from March 9, the exclusive legendary skin will only be available until May 4.

The skin is completely dipped into the Nintendo theme which is red and white but the main question
is to see how rare it becomes after the two-month promotional period ends.

Pathfinder “P.A.T.H” Skin will be available for only Ninitendo Switch Players

What about cross-progression?

Unfortunately, there will be no cross-progression (at least at the time of launch). For those who
do not know what cross-progression is – it means you can not use your same account as on PC and
Console, so you will have to buy the game on Switch and restart your progress.

At the beginning only the default Legends and cosmetics will be available, and a fresh slate of stats. You can purchase the Champion Edition for Switch, which is the least expensive way to unlock the post-launch Legends.

Apex Legends had said that they are working on Cross-Progression for future but there are no plans to release it with Switch.

You can wishlist Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch now.

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