New Genshin Impact leaks reveal all the skills of the upcoming playable pyro character Dehya. She is going to be a five-star character according to some rumors in the community and also considering that it has been over a year since the last addition of a pyro character.

As we all know that a new pyro character Dehya is soon going to be part of the playable roster.

She has appeared numerous times in the Sumeru arc, where she is introduced as a very powerful member of the Hermits.

While HoYoverse is yet to mention anything about its playable version, Dehya is expected to be a part of the playable character in the foreseeable future.

Right now the Genshin Impact 3.3 update has already introduced two new characters, Wanderer and Faruzan, both characters have become fan favorites since their introduction to the game.

The game’s official social media accounts have also already confirmed two new characters for the upcoming update, the expected users of Dendro Alhaitham and Yaoyao.

Genshin Impact Dehya Skills leaks

Dehya has always been known as the Lorewalker mercenary also known as “Flame-Mane” and has been confirmed to be the user of Pyro Claymore.

However, in the Genshin Impact leaks subreddit a user has revealed many more details about her abilities.

According to the leak, Dehya’s elemental ability deals Pyro damage even when she’s off the field, similar to Fischl’s Oz, which continues to attack enemies even after switching.

You can reposition this AoE effect, which causes a small explosion that deals pyro damage in a small area.


Dehya’s elemental burst appears to deal rapid Pyro damage for a short time and modifies the effects of his elemental ability.

She will be able to use three different scripts that could help her reposition herself, especially when fighting a large group of Genshin Impact enemies.

It should be noted that these scripts cannot be used in rapid succession as there is a small cooldown between them.

Players have already started to show interest in the Genshin Impact thought of putting in a ninja-like kit, considering she’s proven to be a skilled fighter throughout Sumeru’s history.

Although, there is no official information on the release date yet, however, according to some rumors going on in the community Dehya could appear in updates 3.5 or 3.6.

This means players will have to wait a few months to add this Pyro user to their list.

Talking about her rarity, Dehya is going to be a five-star character from Genshin Impact.

This is because it has been almost over a year since the last addition of a new Pyro user to the list.

The most recently added character wearing this item is Thoma, who arrived in November 2021.

Genshin Impact is available on mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5 with a Switch version also in development.

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