100 Thieves star Fuslie may be leaving GTA RP for some days as she is concerned that her “addiction” to GTA RP might be getting out of hand and is affecting her real life too.

“I think I’m getting a bit too much into GTA,” says the Twitch star, while telling fans how her addiction to virtual Los Santos is getting out of hand.

She has been giving a lot of hours from her daily life to the GTA roleplay experience as one of the leading RP streamers on the platform.


Often venturing through the NoPixel server as her famous April Fooze character, Fuslie has skyrocketed in popularity to kickstart 2022. Though this surge hasn’t come without some hefty downsides, the streamer revealed.

“My life is falling apart,” she said. “I’m genuinely too invested. It’s a bad addiction, I should re-evaluate my life.”

Fuslie is now leaving GTA RP and forcing herself to move away from the virtual world for some time, she also admits how much she has been out of line with her real-life because of playing RP almost the whole day, she’s almost always watching “GTA clips until [she] can’t anymore. Until I have to sleep,” she explained.

“I wake up and then I watch GTA clips,” the Twitch star added. “I am so obsessed that I am like, this is not healthy. This can’t be healthy.”

She also reveals that she almost canceled an invitational four days trip plan just to be on the GTA RP server. “I am gonna miss four days of GTA, what’s gonna happen?” she stressed. 

Just the thought of “saying goodbye” to her in-game character for a few days brought her to tears. “This is not a normal reaction,” she added. “I’m in too deep.”

That is the time when she realized she should step down from GTA RP for some time not just for her mental health but for her longevity in the scene as well. 

“I’m fully in love with this game and I want to make sure I stay loving it.”

It is confirmed that she will be back on the server after a few days but one other thing that is confirmed too is that she will be spending less time on the server than usual.

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