Free Fire x Cristiano Ronaldo is happening and the Portuguese footballer will soon be available as a character in-game through a collaboration event named “Operation Chrono”.

Garena Free Fire has officially announced a collaboration between the popular battle royale and the
famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and the player is most likely to have an in-game character which
will be revealed on December 19.

Free Fire is like the Fortnite of mobile battle royale games – always collaborating with celebrities to host
events for players entertainment. In the past there has been many collaborations with celebrities like
Hrithik Roshan and DJ KSHMR.

In past few months we had several leaks about an upcoming collaboration between Free Fire and
Cristiano Ronaldo and now these leaks are officially confirmed.

Free Fire is growing massively each month and there has been no sign of them slowing down, after
PUBG Mobile ban in India the developers have seen a massive boost in players base.


Free Fire x Cristiano Ronaldo

The poster of the collaboration can be seen in-game at loading screens. The Poster sheds more detais
on this collaboration event.

In the poster we can see a date mentioned “December 19” which can be the date for the arrival of character
in-game and it most likely it is also the date for the beginning of Operation Chrono.

What is Operation Chrono in Free Fire?

According to the sources we have following information.

“Operation Chrono will take place in a futuristic slum universe, a dystopian world featuring the most advanced technology there is. Amidst the chaos, there is room for a hero to emerge and be a source of inspiration for everyone.”

There is also some news that the player’s in-game character will hold some abilities which players
can use for their benefit and his ability will be called “Time-Turner.”

“Creates a force field that blocks 500 damages from enemies. Once can fire at outside foes from within the force field. Movement speed increases by 40%. During skill activation, allies within the force field get a 40% increase in movement speed. All effects last for 10s. CD 40s.”

There is only 10 days left for this event to start, this is going to be a big event for both Cristiano fans and Free Fire game fans. We hope to see more such collaborations in the near future and for more such exciting news make sure to follow us on Social Media.

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