Free Fire Chrono vs Elite Kelly – a comparison of two of the best characters available in Free Fire. However, this is totally based upon personal opinion.

As we all know every game has a ranking system that helps the user to compete in a better league the higher the rank harder the competition.

This creates a hunger in players to be at the top tier to be the best in the world.

Now every character in the game has some special abilities which can help you on the battleground hence the selection of the right character is also very much important along with some high skills.

Today we will compare the two most debating characters of Free Fire “Chrono vs Elite Kelly” and we will help you to find out which one is better for the rank push.

Abilities of Chrono and Elite Kelly in Free Fire

Kelly “the swift”


As we all know Kelly has been upgraded and Kelly “the swift” is also called Elite Kelly.

Kelly has an ability of deadly velocity which you can unlock after 7 sec of sprinting.

After the use of ability if you hit a single shot on the enemy it causes the damage of 110% which is very crucial damage at an intense moment. The cooldown period is also not that much it is about 7sec long.



Chrono is usually known as a time turner. because at its basic ability he can create a force field around players which helps the player to prevent themselves from taking 600 damage.

His ability is not only to defend but he can increase the player’s speed by 15% and it also helps the teammates by increasing their speed by 10%. And it has a 50-sec cooldown.

Chrono at its max ability can increase the player speed by 30% and teammate speed by 15% and reduces the cooldown to 40secc.


Chrono and elite Kelly both have some special abilities. Some of the abilities are common in both like Chrono increases the speed of the player while Kelly increases the sprinting speed.

Kelly the swift is an upgraded version that helps you to sprint fast and provide you with an upper hand while dealing with an enemy by doing a big amount of damage on its first shot. Kelly the swift is also much better than the Kelly.

Chrono is also not behind in this because he builds a shield that helps you to deal less damage and increases your movement speed while dealing with enemies.

So in the end it just depends on the player – which character more suits him or whose ability he likes the most or helps him to improve his rank. Both the characters are very good at their place.

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