Fortnite x Tenet – Fortnite will screen full Christopher Nolan movie this summer in Party Royale event, officially confirmed, after premiering the second international trailer for his blockbuster 2020 movie ‘Tenet’ on May 21.

Fortnite is a game full of events, in the past, we have been a part of many awesome
and record-breaking events that Fortnite hosted like the very first live concert with
Marshmello which was a record-breaking event with over 10 million players joining
the event.

The recent event which broke the Marshmello records was Travis Scott Astronomical
event, Events has become a part of Fortnite and Epic Games also tries to bring some
exciting crossovers to keep players entertained.

However, this is not the first time when Fortnite is doing a crossover with a Film,
before this Fortnite has done crossovers with big films like Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker clip & Avengers: End Game.

Fortnite is always trying stuffs and it has become a great way of promoting films
and looks like Christopher Nolan is also all set to premier his next bug movie
Tenet in Party Royale event.

It will screen the full-length picture and anyone can join this.


Fortnite x Tenet – Party Royale event

Industry figurehead Geoff Keighley confirmed the news on Twitter soon after the Tenet trailer premiered: “Just announced: Christopher Nolan is bringing one of his iconic films to Fortnite this summer for a full-length free screening for fans!”

Fortnite x Tenet was confirmed after the premier of Tenet trailer in Fortnite Battle Royale.
According to sources, the movie will be played multiple times on the Party Royale’s “Big Screen”.

Well, it is not clear whether it will be Tenet or any other Christopher Nolan sci-fi movie
making its way into the game. It can be Inception as the movie is completing its
10th Anniversary this year or it can be The Dark Knight because it seems more logical
for a fictional character to appear in the game.

However, there is no confirmation from Epic Games itself about which movie will
be doing the crossover, we can only wait to see which Christopher Nolan “iconic” movie makes it way into the game.

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