Fortnite x Nintendo crossover is recently spotted during one of Party Royale trailer release, where we can see “Kirby” chilling out.

Fortnite always keeps its fans entertained by bringing a lot of crossovers with different
artists, movie characters and Musicians, one of the recent crossover was between Fortnite
and Travis Scott, which was a record-breaking event for Epic Games.

Soo, after the Travis Scott Astronomical event Fortnite released a new mode “Party Royale”
in this mode there are no guns allowed on the map, you can only listen to EDMs playing their
all day long.

However, a new Fortnite crossover may be teased by Epic Games during one of Party Royale trailer release.

Fortnite x Nintendo Crossover really happening?

In the trailer video, you can see “Kirby” – a famous Nintendo Character appearing on the
screen for a split second and a huge possibility is many of guys may have missed it.
Kirby appears on to screen in the beginning of the video joining other Fortnite skins dancing over her.


Kirby can be seen floating under the right side of the bridge where all the Fortnite skins are
dancing. It can only be seen in official Epic Games trailer and is blurred for Xbox and PlayStation uploads.

The appearance of Kirby in an official trailer arouses so many questions but the only question
that matters right now is, Is Fortnite x Nintendo crossover really happening?.

Well, this question also attracts many theories regarding it, some people believe that Kirby
wasn’t part of the trailer instead it was used by DJs who sent their clips and it was all a mistake. On the other hand, some believe that we may see a crossover next season and it
was a hint from Epic Games on what to expect next.

Anyhow, there is no official confirmation from Epic Games as of now and we may have to
wait a little bit more to know what it was exactly, however, if we find any other information
relating to this topic we will keep you updated.

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