Fortnite x Aquaman crossover can be the next big crossover for Chapter 2 Season 3, Epic Games drops a ton of new teaser for next season with an underwater theme.

It has only been a couple of days since the Doomsday device went off
but it looks like Fortnite is not just stopping there, they have been dropping
a couple of teasers for what could possibly be the next crossover in-game.

On June 16 Fortnite’s official Twitter account shared a picture which was not quite
visible enough to give an exact confirmation of what it is but later on content
creators and influencers shared pictures that Epic have sent them privately.

After we got a clear picutre it was clear that it was a golden trident, the very same
used by Aquaman in his recent DC movie.

Fortnite x Aquaman crossover

Well, submerging the whole island underwater and then giving teasers about
Aquaman doesn’t seem wrong, first, they created the environment for the
superhero and now they are bringing in a Fortnite x Aquaman crossover.

All these things combined means that the crossover is surely coming
soon and we may see a whole different skins and cosmetics or maybe
a new underwater mechanism soon.

In the past, we have seen a complete snow-covered Fortnite map and
now an underwater movement with the same amount of movement, it looks
perfect for this kind of crossover.

Well, Aquaman trident is not the only teaser they shared, there is more to the story.

on June 15 Fortnite tweeted another teaser, that appears to show a metallic asteroid/moon object covered in what looks like craters. While not aquatic itself, if you’ve watched Avatar you know that the moon does control the ocean’s tides.

Despite having pictures of Aquaman trident Avatar’s moon it is still not confirmed what is coming up next so we ask you to take this information with a grain of salt and wait.

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