Fortnite v12.61 underwater swimming feature is a long-awaited release and with v12.61 patch update, Epic Games is finally releasing it.

Fortnite is moving forward to the release of Season 3 and today it got its final
Season 2 patch update, there is not much skins and cosmetics in the patch
update but there are bunch of new details about what is coming up next.

One of those details in the Fortnite v12.61 update is underwater swimming
feature release confirmation, data miners have got their hands on the files
details and animations of this feature.

Fortnite v12.61 underwater swimming coming soon

The leaks are revealed by reliable data miners after the release of v12.61
update on May 25, there is only one new skin along with some back bling
and emotes and a lot of details regarding the upcoming Doomsday event
there is also the confirmation of underwater swimming feature in this
update. Here are all the details regarding it.

“We’ll definitely be going underwater,” ‘FNBRHQ’ tweeted out with a picture
of “Underwater Swimming” files in the game code, the file then have two
other files associated with it the “‘NoWeapon’ and ‘DirectionalMovement’.

Travis Scott astronomical event was the first time ever when we acknowledge
that underwater swimming can be possible in Fortnite and since then there
has been some leaks about its animation and other things.

Brand new animations allow players to swim in all directions, rise to the surface, dive deeper, or simply float in place, unfortunately there is no shooting underwater.

According to Epic Games Season 3 will start on June 4, but the Doomsday device
is set to May 30 11:35 PM IST, meaning something big will happen five
days before season 3 kicks off.

Well the underwater feature may be helpful when island goes down and players need to swim through hatches placed underwater, however we will update you with further information.

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