Fortnite v12.61 Leaked skins and Cosmetics, there are not much skins and cosmetics in this update just like the last patch update, there is a new Drake “Toosie Slide” emote and one Doomsday event skin.

From the last two updates, we have been seeing a decrease in the number of
skins and cosmetics with each update and this new update has almost
nothing in terms of skins, weapons wraps and backblings.

However, there are only two or three skins but they are of pretty high-quality
and there is also one new emote from very popular rapper “Drake”, one
of the most unique skins in this update is Doomsday event Cyclo skin.

Cyclo Skin – Fortnite v12.61 Leaked skins and Cosmetics

The Cyclo skin is a part of Doomsday event and it is the only new skin being
added to Fortnite, The Cyclo skin looks like from out of space, The skin has electricity flowing through it, with an entire galaxy pulsating through its skull.

Moreover, there is also a new Backbling “Windshear Cloak” and apparently
both the skin and back bling is kept under the file name “Hurricane” and our
best guess is that it is the reference to how Season 2 will end.

Drake “Toosie Slide” emote in Fortnite

Drake the famous rapper is also getting his very own “Toosie Slide” emote
in Fortnite along with the skin and back bling, the first time when players
got a glimpse of Drake was during Travis Scott Astronomical event.

The iconic Drake “Toosie Silde” emote is now available to equip in Fortnite
store, moreover, the song is also added in the game.

Meaning everytime when you will use the emote on someone it will play
the song also, and you can jam with your other team mates on the
American star’s song.

Apart from all of this there is a lot of new updates regarding the Doomsday event in the game files so keep coming back because you would not want to miss on what coming up next.

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