Dataminers has once again leaked all the skins and cosmetics from Fortnite v12.50 patch update ahead of time.

The next season of the game is around the corner and this patch update is to maintain a
balance in the game with some much-needed bug fixes.

But as always there are also plenty new exciting skins and cosmetics which are obviously
leaked ahead of time by our data miners.

Fortnite v12.50 leaked skins

Fortnite v12.50 update is bringing in a spy event which is in talks from the past couple of
months. The new skin finally reveals a spy “Hugo” which can possibly be the last piece of
the Agency puzzle before everything goes mad.

Well, this isn’t the only skin we will be getting in the next update, there are six more skins
apart from our spy skin, The Goldie, Yellowjacket, Sig, The new Vix, Envision, and Nightlife

Leaked pickaxes and gliders

Apart from all these colourful skins that we will be getting to play around, there are five pickaxes and one glider making their way in-game to join the rest of the cosmetics.

Hugo will get a set of Butterfly Knives as his pickaxe, while Sig will get the Agile Edge. Purr Axes match perfectly with the clour of Vix skins, while finally, The Goldie will be taking Double Gold baseball bats in his hands.

Fortnite v.12.50 update leaked wraps

There are four new Wraps making their way into the game pick your red, blue, green, or black.
however, The Burning Glow, Glitter Blaster, Neon Pulse and Moo aren’t the part of any wraps and we may see them sometime after downtime ends.

The Glitter Blaster has the barrel of Rainbow colours, while Neon Pulse will give a nice little fluro green outlines to every weapon on which you will use this wrap.

The Moo skin is the same as the name suggest there will be cow patters all over the weapon and the final wrap from v12.50 patch update is the Burning Glow which is kind of mix of a lava lamp and inferno with red gradients flowing across the wrap.

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