New leaks reveal Fortnite upcoming map changes to The Agency and many other big updates with v12.60 patch notes.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 started with a brand new Top Secret Theme with lots of
cosmetics and skins for players to try out, we also got to enjoy new Events and Marvel’s Deadpool skins.

Well, as the season is proceeding towards its end, new leaks are coming out for the next
season and a big map change to The Agency, Fortnite’s most popular location is about to go
under some big changes and here is an early view on how will it look after wards and what
changes are being made to The Agency.


Fortnite upcoming map changes to The Agency

According to reliable data miner iFireMonkey, A shadow version of The Agency was added in game files in during past updates.

IFireMonkey says that he wasn’t sure if it was a “red herring” or something that “will happen sometime during v12.60,” but the new-look version of The Agency is kitted out with links to the Shadow group.

According to the data miner, every “Ghost” related items are removed from the new
The Agency location even the Ghost Statue at the respawn van is also removed.

Well, we ask you to take this information with a grain of salt because in the past Fortnite
has done this many times – adding extra files in the back end and then not using them,
and this all can be the same.

Also, the data miner itself says that this could be a red herring from the developers to trick
leakers into not focusing on the main part that they are planing for the future.

The most recent example of this is Travis Scott’s Astronomical event, where developers
didn’t put his name in the game files until the final date. As of now we can only wait and see
whether this is all true or not.

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