Fortnite unreleased “Black Drum” shotgun has been spotted in the latest Season 6 teaser which you probably have missed out on and not that only but players have also spotted an improvised modern version of the single-player game’s “Brood Slicer” pickaxe.


  • Fortnite Season 6 is very near and multiple early leaks from the season have already started to surface.
  • This leak is coming from the Fortnite officials themselves, in their latest released Season 6 teaser players have spotted the unreleased “Black Drum” shotgun.

Fortnite Season 6 is around the corner and players are looking out for any little
leak or something that can define what surprises next season holds for them.
And to feed their craving Fortnite has released some bits and pieces of upcoming
season in the form of a teaser and it looks like there is more information than what
we expected.

In the teaser we find James talking about losing control of the Zero Point and
reality coming to an end. However, there are many pieces of cropped images
in the teaser and two of them have caught the eye of players.

In the bottom of the image you can see two cropped images and if you look closely
you will notice that these are not any random images instead these are images
of two unreleased weapons.

A Fortnite data miner named Twea confirmed the information that these images
are of weapons. According to him both of these weapons are part of Fortnite: Save The World. However, they are now being introduced in Season 6 of Fortnite Battle Royale.

In another tweet the dataminer have mashed both the images together,
giving fans a better look at the gun. One of these weapons is a shotgun with
a spikey metallic thing. And there is also a third image which appears to be
the ‘Brood Slicer’ with a modernized look.

An another fan pointed out that the weapon in question is a shotgun called the ‘Black Drum.’ It’s a Black Metal weapon that Fortnite: Save The World players know all too well.

Well, it does look like what he is saying if we just add imaginary metallic spikes and a metal coil in the center.

If this turns out to be true and this is the “Black Drum” shotgun then,
we might have a new close quarter weapon. Here are its stats from
Fortnite: Save The World.

  • Ammo: “Shells ‘n’ Slugs”
  • Reload Time (Seconds): 2.8
  • Magazine Size: 10
  • Damage to Player: 15.7
  • Info: “Drum Shotgun that fires Shells in 2 round bursts.”

Fortnite Season 6 is starting March 16, so make sure to follow us on Twitter to stay updated with any fresh news that comes up before or afterwards the Season release.