“Glitch King” has found a new Fortnite unlimited XP glitch in Season 4 secret challenge which will help you ease your grind for Battle Pass this season, but be a little bit cautious while using this exploit because maybe Epic Games will soon track the exploiters and may punish them for this abuse.

Fortnite releases missions for battle pass every season for players to
grind their way in order to receive special rewards.

This season is no different then others but the rewards on this season
battle pass are worth grinding for, this season has some extra special
rewards on the line if you are a Marvel fan. Eight MCU characters, with potential foil variants.

This new special reward has left many players grinding real hard and
looking for ways to fasten the process but as of now there are only two
ways to do this, the one is to complete all weekly challenges every week
and other is using this Fortnite unlimited XP glitch which can save you
some time.

fortnite-season-4-battle-pass exploit

Fortnite new XP Glitch Uncovered by Glitch King

YouTuber Glitch King is the first one to notice this exploit during his defusal challenge.

Defusing the bomb will only give you 500 XP. However, if you spray the barrel, it’ll trigger the reward up to five times in one game. After you get the 2,500 XP, you’ll have to back out of the game and rinse and repeat the grind.

The reward is not that much as compared from previous exploits which
had like millions, billions of XPs but it is worth trying.

We advise you not to do it too much because eventually Epic may find
you abusing the exploit and cause a serious punishment to your account,
it is very unlikely of them to do it but it still is a possibility.

Anyhow it all depends on you if you want to use this exploit or not.

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