As we all aware that Fortnite Travis Scott event is right around the corner and so does the challenges and we all also know that this will be an LTM and you want to get everything on the menu in this event challenges reward so here is a quick guide on how to complete all of the Astronomical event challenges.

Well to help you Epic Games has done some improvisation on not spreading the challenges
pieces all around the map, this time maximum of the challenges can be completed on the
same island built for the event.

Furthermore, there will be 3 tasks to complete each one of them will hold something
relatable to Travis Scott band and after completion of all the three rewards, you will unlock
yourself a special dance emote.


Fortnite x Travis Scott challenges

Well as you have already seen in the image above, what these tasks will be let’s start with
how you have to do it.

The First challenge is very simple and very dangerous, simple because you only have to use
one of your dance emotes on the dance floors at The Yacht or Apres Ski and only for 10s.

Now comes the dangerous part, so as you see these challenges won’t be around for so long
and neither will those rewards, which means every player on the island will try to kill you and
use that dance floor of yours to complete one of the tasks.

Then, to complete the ‘Bounce off of different giant Astro heads,’ you need to head towards
the Astronomical stage island, there you will find that there are some Travis Scott head statues (Giant Astro Heads) on the surrounding islands and now you only have to jump on
them 5 times and it won’t be much difficult.


After completing the second of three Fortnite Travis Scott event challenges you will get a special banner icon for the Cactus Jack event as a reward.

Now comes the Final challenge and just like other it is also very simple and don’t even require
too much work, you just need to visit the Astronomical Stage near to Sweaty Sands.


This will get you another reward from the challenges.

But, after completion of all three, you will get the biggest reward – in the form of a dance
emote, it is the famous on-stage moment from 2017 – reminiscent of the rapper’.

Well, Travis Scott event is going to be big and you don’t want to lose all these rewards so
get yourself prepare for the challenges and get them as soon as possible.

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