Fortnite Storm the Agency challenges are coming up with v12.60 update and here is how to complete all of them and how much XP does they hold as reward.

Fortnite Season 12 is coming to its end and Epic Games is trying to keep players entertained and now their new set of challenges are here and they are super easy and fun to complete.

Fortnite Storm the agency challenges will reward you with 120,000XP and three brand new unlocks after completion of each challenge. Here is how you can complete them and claim your rewards.


Fortnite Storm the Agency challenges

This set of challenges are no different from the recent set of challenges, you will find yourself roaming around the map to complete every objective.

The first challenge is super easy you just need to land on “The Agency”
and you will get 40,000XP, but this can be tough because many other
players will be dropping by to complete the challenge.

Next on the list is “Survive Storm Circles”, in order to complete these challenge players need to survive 10 storm circles, this is one of the super
easy challenges on the list, you can complete this in a couple of matches,
the reward is the same as the first challenge – 40000XP.

The third challenge requires players to open up three faction locked chests at different Spy Bases across the map, completing this challenge will reward you with new “Steel Shadow” pickaxe rather than XP.

The last two challenges are also very simple, the fourth one requires you
to swim over a single hatch in The Agency and you will get 40000XP and
the last challenge requires you to takedown three Henchmen at different
Safe Houses and it will rewards you with a new Icon. And after completion
of all five challenges, you will unlock the ‘Shadow Stalker’ Glider.

All of these challenges are super easy to complete and holds a big prize,
and if you are looking to upgrade your battle pass then you must
complete these challenges – Maybe this is your last shot who knows.

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