Epic Games has recently updated Fortnite game files which contains leaked skins and cosmetics for the Chinese New Year event.

One of China’s biggest event -New year is about to start on January 25.

And Epic Games is all set for it with the end of Winterfest and Star War events.

Fortnite new skins and cosmetics have always been a part of leaks from data miners who are always ready to dig deeper into the game files and reveal information ahead of time.

Recently, Fortnite got an update which contained different skins, styles, pickaxes and other cosmetics, this time it also contained leaks for upcoming Fortnite event.

Chinese New Year event has already been part of the game many times before and it seems like 2020 will follow the same pattern.

This piece of the leak is again coming from the famous data miner “ShiinaBr” who has also leaked many Fortnite skins and cosmetics in the past.

Well, all of the 2020 leaks are making there way after the v11.40 patch update – 2020’s first major patch update.

The leak contains six different skins and cosmetics.

So here are you leaked Fortnite skins and cosmetics for Chinese New Year.

Fortnite leaked Outfits for Chinese New Year event


Leaked Tigress skin and cosmetics for Fortnite Chinese New Year event


Leaked Fortnite Swift outfit for Fortnite upcoming event


Gan will feature two different hairstyles in the Chinese New Year event

Jade Racer

A Girl Racer is about to kick some boys in the event

Smoke Dragon

Leaked Smoke Dragon Skin for Fortnite Chapter 2 upcoming event


Shifu was leaked once before in Fortnite leaks in August 2019 but wasn’t added in-game

As always nothing is yet confirmed by Epic Games officially but this is for sure that fans will be gettings something new on January 25.

If we find any further update regarding this event we will keep you updated till then feel comfortable to move around the website and read more.

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