Fortnite Shanty Town and The Orchard Locations are the part of Location Domination Challenges and here is where you can find both of them.

May 14 is the date for the release of the second part of the Fortnite Location Domination Challenges and
this pack of challenges have 900,000 XP reward for anyone who can finish all the missions on the menu.

However, this part of challenges requires you to travel into different parts of the map like – The Shark and
Frenzy Farm which is super easy to find if you are an old Fortnite gamer, but Shanty Town and The Orchard locations are hard to find but don’t worry we have the exact point of location.

Fortnite Shanty Town and The Orchard Locations

In one of the challenges, players need to ‘Apply 100/250/500 Shields or Healing at Shanty Town or The
Orchard’. The challenge extremely simple enough, but both Shanty Town and The Orchard are lesser
known POIs on the Chapter 2 map which can be hard for any new player to find.

The Orchard was once part of Season 2 challenges before-hand and is located just north of Frenzy Farm,
and south-east of Craggy Cliffs. Shanty Town is on the very south-west corner of the map, west of the
Slurpy Swamp POI. Both are marked with red circles on the map below.


It really is that simple to get your XP. Applying 100 shields or healing will grant you 10,000 XP, 250 will give
players 25,000 XP and 500 will grant an incredible 55,000 XP. However, it will surely take some time to
reach higher levels of challenges but if you are looking to level up your battle pass quickly then this is your

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