Fortnite Season 3 leaked cars include the Bear, Mudflap and two more cars in the v13.20 update, these vehicles advertisement was part of a promotional video.

Currently, the state of Fortnite island is surrounded by a huge wall of ocean water
but this won’t be the scene for very long and when it vanishes away completely
the island will become a POI destination for some great drivers.

Well, this is not just some predictions, Epic Games has officially shared many
teasers regarding these four upcoming vehicles, first they shared glimpse in
form of advertisement in the promotional video and then in-game stats, and now
players can clearly see posters of these four vehicles around the map.

The very first time when data miners revealed these cars information from the game
files was after the release of v13.20 patch note.


Fortnite Season 3 leaked cars

Fortnite Season 3 leaked cars are: Bear, Mudflap, Prevalent and Whiplash.

The Bear is a bright orange pickup, seen driving through the mountains on the poster. The mudflap is a massive semi-trailer, trucking through the desert.

The Prevalent is a much more sleek city sedan, and it’s shown driving past a bustling skyline littered with palm trees. The Whiplash is your typical speeder, with the racing stripes.

These cars were a part of the promotional video but not the part of the game
when v13.00 drops. But according to sources, you won’t have to wait to drive
these vehicles around the map.

Apart from all these cars Epic Games also added a loot shark and a police car
but the police car was replaced shortly after the season start.

Epic Games has been dropping a lot of teasers for Season 3 but much of them
were not the part of the game at the start of the season but as we are moving
on with the season, the release of patch notes are bringing in many items from
the teasers and we hope that many more will come with the upcoming patch

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