Fortnite Season 3 leak reveals all the new features that are coming with other six new vehicles in the game.

In Fortnite Season 3 trailer we saw a bunch of new cars ready to make their way in
to the game ranging from Trucks to racing cars, however, players have been
suspecting if these vehicles will have any different purpose.

In a new leak, data miner reveals that these cars will be making their way into the
game on July 21, and along with these vehicles they will have a new kind of fuel
mechanism and will have a health bar.


Fortnite Season 3 Leak: Vehicle Features

According to data miners these vehicles will have a limited amount of fuel
and there will be fuel stations all over the map which can be used by any
player to fill tank if they are running out of fuel.

Divided into four distinct categories, the vehicles are defined as: Trucks, Smalls Cars, Medium Cars, and Large Cars. Each of these comes with its own unique stats. Some require more fuel than others, while others can assist more damage than others.

However these cars don’t need any kind of key to start, you can instantly
start driving but you need to be careful about the fuel consumption, this
new mechanism is to ensure that no one drives one vehicle forever.

Large Cars will have the greatest fuel capacity of any new vehicle type, capable of holding 150 fuel, 50 more than any other car. However, it also burns through fuel quicker than any other car as well. Simply driving at a regular speed will cost 0.75 fuel per second. Meanwhile, boosting will run you 9 fuel per second. With a full tank of gas, this means you’ll only be able to drive Large Cars for roughly 17 seconds while boosting.

Moreover, cars can also run out of fuel if they’ve been hit by opposing players. All of the vehicle types will leak two fuel per second if they are damaged. Shooting even a normal weapon at a vehicle could be well worth your time. Draining the fuel of your opponents is a surefire way to have them bail from their car.