Fortnite loved character Peely’s Easter Egg is placed in one of Season 5 new POI locations on the new map, you can find him frozen in carbonite but who did this to the most loved character of the game.

Fortnite new season has already kicked off and this time the popular battle royale has converted to a star
wars theme map with the introduction of the Mandalorian and multiple changes.

One of the most important additions in this season is the new bounty hunter system, the map has changed
very much and apart from the bounty system three new points of interest have been added to the game and
one of them contains a very special easter egg.

While exploring the Fortnite new map many players have found the Peely’s Easter Egg and he is not in
the great situation at all – it is sad to see him like this.


Where to find Peely Mandalorian easter egg in new Season 5 map

Epic Games often plants Easter Egg all around the map for players to find out and Season 5 is no different
developers have very wisely placed a new Easter Egg on the newly added area of the map “Hunters Haven.”

In what appears to be a regular building in the new area, players have found Peely frozen in carbonite – just
like Han Solo was in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. This means Peely was on someone’s bounty list
and the Mandalorian has finished the job.

This was first reported at FortNiteBR subreddit.

Watching Peely in this situation is very hear breaking and we can clearly see that he himself was not
liking it at all but who wanted to this cruel job to him?

Anyhow, Epic always tries to keep their fans engaged with the game using these kind of small additions.