Fortnite PC aim assist changes are finally coming after v12.60 patch update – officially announced by Epic Games.

Aim assist is the most common and controversial point in Fortnite community with many
players & streamers like Ninja believing that it gives an upper hand to the controller player
and call it an “aimbot”.

Well, everything is about to change as Epic Games finally reveals its plans for Fortnite PC aim assist changes – it is not a part of v12.60 but they give a possible date for the release.


Fortnite PC aim assist changes finally coming?

On May 19 Epic games released a preview for upcoming v12.60 patch note and mainly it was
focusing on adding items ranging From new items in Party Royale to a Dynamic Resolution option on iOS. However, the biggest focus was on “PC controller adjustments.”

“Controller tweaking, tuning, and investigation continues,” – but there was no confirmation
on date, about when it will arrive but they also mentioned that PC aim assist changes are
set for next week.

Well, the reason for delaying the aim assist update is because of upcoming Fortnite
Champion Series (FNCS) Invitational Grand Finals.

FNCS online tournament will start from May 23 with hundreds of thousands of players
joining and representing their respective regions, and because of that Epic Games
doesn’t want to drop the new aim assist right before the tournament as it will require
players to adjust their aim.

And this is very brave of Epic Games not to release it before a big tournament because in
the past they have done this mistake already and looks like they have the intention of doing it again.


However, we don’t have any clue about how these changes will work and how will they
change the game, how powerful will the new aim assist, these are some of the questions
that still requires some answer from officials.

But we do know that all of this is going to happen in the next two weeks and fortunately we
don’t have to wait too much longer.

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