Fortnite is trying to keep their players entertaining by releasing many events and a new leak reveals that a new Fortnite Payload LTM is coming soon.

Payload mode is a part of Overwatch game and it looks like the Fortnite is taking inspirations
from other games as well to deliver the best content to their players.

The Data miners have revealed that this new limited-time mode is called “Uranium” and it is
the exact same version of the game as in Overwatch or Paladins.

Also, this new LTM will not take much time to release as the new season of the game is right
around the corner.

Fortnite Payload “Uranium” LTM game mode

Push-the-payload is what it is called in Overwatch game modes, in this mode, there are
two teams whose job is to either push to the payload to its desired location or stop it.

We can see this Fortnite Payload LTM “Uranium” in the mid of this week somewhere after the
release of Fortnite v12.50 patch update.

This Limited-time mode is revealed by a known data miner FortTory, the payload has four
magnets instead of wheels which is quite strange,

Here are LTM’s objectives.

“Switch roles and choose Tech each round to Escort or Stop the payload. Gain Intel at the end of each round. When Escorting, deliver the payload to its destination! When Defending, stop the payload! Run out the clock to win!”

Also, many Leakers have got E-mail from Epic Games mentioning an “Operation Payload”.

The later says: “A new spy mode debuts… use your current spy tech, as well as a new tech in this release, to defend/escort the payload against the other team which tries to stop you ⁠— then switch sides. The mode takes you to different parts of the island.”

Also the Fortnite v12.50 update is live we will update you with more news soon.

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