The new updated game files in Fortnite shows a new LTM Arsenic (Infected) is ready to make its way into the game.

Fortnite is alive because of its super cool LTM where players get to play a certain type of theme for a limited time and in the past week, there were no such exciting updates made
to the game.

So, to cover up everything Fortnite is back with new v12.40 update, which includes a lot of
new stuff and also the map has gone under some serious changes like The Shark has now
become a prison.

Infected Mode is one of the most popular modes in Halo and Call of Duty

However, in the game files Dataminer ‘FortTory‘ has found hints about a new LTM ‘Arsenic’ or
‘Infected’ – infected game modes are very popular around big FPS title like Call of Duty.

At the beginning of Fortnite Season 2, some hints did point out about this infected LTM

According to data miner, this new LTM will also bring new abilities with it like ‘Double Jump,’ ‘Growl,’ ‘ImmunetoFallDamage,’ and more.

Fortnite New LTM Arsenic (Infected)

Infected game modes feature two teams, the first team are the players who are infected
and the second are survivors, Infected players will have special abilities and they will try to
eliminate survivors using those abilities.

Also, there are some quotes in the game files which points towards the confirmation of this
new LTM. And also there are some infected creatures in the Fortnite Save the World mode
and maybe they will be available to play once the Fortnite Arsenic LTM releases.

The quote in the game files says: “You’ve become Infected! Get out there and take care of those pesky humans. — You’re human! If you want to stay that way, gear up, team up, and survive against the Infected.”

Anyhow, if this LTM becomes live in the game, we may see a new map or the same map with
some blocked areas as the current map is massive and it will take a lot of time to finish one

Moreover, we may also witness a new lobby setting where Epic games reduce the number
of players from 100.

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