Fortnite new leaks showcase the first look of Doomsday event Device, Doomsday event is said to bring a new chapter into Fortnite and new leaks are coming from all directions.

As many leaks are popping up it looks like Fortnite Chapter 2 is going to end with the island
also going down as there are many new rooms and hatches being built around the island.

A Reddit user ‘Jonathan287’ recently spotted a new ‘Doomsday weapon’ in the game’s menu
and now he has got his hands on another easter eggs from the new room and if it is real then
this can be the biggest leak from the Doomsday event.

Fortnite leaks reveal first Doomsday device look

The device looks like a glass sphere, with antennas attached to the bottom, but what is
the purpose of this device and what is inside it is still a mystery.

As of now, the device can only be seen in the main menu and the rumours say that later the
device will be placed in the Agency.

Doomsday Device from r/FortNiteBR

The first-ever Fortnite leaks showcased image of Doomsday device was on March 31
and since then many leaks have been discovered regarding this event, there were hatches
placed around the map, new keycards were also found on the map but hey are disabled as of now.

Also, there are many rumours that these hatches may be a secret pathway to leave the
island when the Doomsday device destroys the island.

The new image of the Doomsday device is a little bit different from what we have seen in the
past leaks, the structure is the same but there are no patterns on the outside of the device
and also, there are no wirings around it.

Along with Device images, hatches and doors were also revealed and many of the hatches
are built around the Agency.

If rumours are to take in consideration this can be Fortnite’s next big live event to move on
to a new chapter and destroy this island, while all players safely get away from the island
using hatches.

Till then we can only wait and see if something happens to the island, and also there is an
upcoming concert for Travis Scott.

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