Fortnite Chapter 2 new patch note v11.40 has been released and, here are the upcoming Fortntite leaked skins & cosmetics.

Fortnite’s Star Wars and Winterfest events are about to end which lefts us thinking about their next big event and the only way we can solve this riddle is by looking at leaks.

Epic Games has always kept its audience entertained by rolling out updates from time to time.

And Chapter 2 was a fresh start for the game which included a brand new map, many new characters.


Epic Games has recently released v11.40 patch notes on January 15 which includes a revamped Heavy Assault Rifle.

Well, that is not all of it.

Fortnite v11.40 leaked skins and cosmetics

This week update has given data miners some content to work with and reputed data miners like “ShiinaBR” and “Lucas7yoshi” has leaked some Fortnite skins and cosmetics ahead of time.

These leaks include skins, weapon skins, emotes and many other items.

And here the leaks revealed by Lucas7yoshi which includes a purple Rippley style, an arctic Metal Mout, Zadie and more.

Fortnite v11.40 leaked styles

Music pack: Mellow Days

Weapon Wraps: Beacon Trance, Mecha jolly, Paint Splash, Sharky Shallows, bubbly, Phantom Flame, Greed, Ratty.


  1. Back Board (Metal Masq)
  2. CHIC (Yellow)
  3. Sledgehammer (Purple)
  4. Crazy Eight (Gold)
  5. Metal Mark (Yellow)
  6. Ball Baling (Gold)
  7. Blade Bag (Yellow)
  8. 8-Ball (Gold)
  9. Guan Yu (Dragon)
  10. Loyal Shield (Dragon)
  11. Highlight Strikers (Yellow)
  12. Guandao (Dragon)
  13. Bank Shots (Gold)
  14. Rippley (Purple)
  15. Metal Mouth (Arctic)
  16. Metal Mouth (Jungle)
  17. Zadie (Arctic)
  18. Zadie (Jungle)

This is all of the Fortnite Leaked Skins & Cosmetics from v11.40 patch update if there is any more updates or leaks regarding this we will update this article so make sure to follow us on Twitter to get the daily updates.

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