Fortnite data miner HYPEX has leaked Oro skin new challenges following v12.21 patch.

It has just been an hour after Fortnite rolled out their new v12.21 patch for desktop.

And dataminers have already started digging into game files. Oro skins were leaked before this update with many other skins.

Hypex is a famous and trusted dataminer in the community, leaking many skins and challenges ahead of time.

The Oro challenges being introduced in-game files through the March 24 update will see players searching for assisting teammates, as well as finding medals. Due to leaks provided by Fortnite dataminer ‘HYPEX,’ here’s an early heads up on what to expect.

leaked Oro skin New Challenges

There are total 4 challenges, on completing all challenges you will receive “HARVESTING TOOL: GILDED SCEPTER” and on completing any two challenges you will receive “WRAP: GREED“.


Firstly, you need to play a game with your friend, then you need to assist your teammate in eliminations.

In the third challenge, you need to “deal damage to opponents” which is super easy, third and the first challenge both are almost same.

One another data miner VastBlast tweeted

“New string btw: “Complete the Midas’ Revenge set! Play with friends to unlock Oro’s Greed Wrap and Gilded Scepter Harvesting Tool for free.”

According to previous leaks, the vending machines were supposed to be enabled but they are not.

“Vending machines are not back, the hotfix only enabled Wild West (Tilted Town) creative galleries.”

Also, there is sad news for skin lovers as there is no new cosmetics in this update.

Some players are not happy with this update because there are not much in this update.

Well, this is all for now if we find any more update on the challenges we will update you.

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