Fortnite data miners have Leaked Mystique Mythic weapon “Dual Auto Pistols” as a part of current Marvel x Fortnite crossover.

Dual Auto Pistols is going to be the new unique weapon being added
in the game after Arcane Gauntlets and Mystical Bomb.

The leaked data shows full stats details of the weapon and how it will
look if it makes its way into the game.

Mystique is the minimalist character of Fortnite having very little to none
unique features, the only unique feature she has is her Shapeshifter
emote that mimics the appearance of the last person a player has
eliminated, but everything is soon going to change if leaks turn out to be true.


Fortnite Leaked Mystique Mythic weapon

Dataminers ‘Mang0e’ & ‘Ironstriker8’ have uncovered this weapon, according
to dataminers the weapon is a “twin-uzi” but according to Ironstriker8 these
small Uzis may have high firepower.

“Mystique has a Mythic weapon in the works,” Mang0e said. “It’s called ‘Mystique’s Dual Auto Pistols,’ and it appears she will use 2 machine pistols, or twin Uzi’s. The guns might have similar stats to the P90’s Epic variant.It looks like the machine pistols will finally be in the game!”

The comparison to the Epic P90 and Uzis, among other details, incited passionate reactions from the Fortnite community.

Dual Auto Pistols leaked stats:

  • Damage: 20
  • Firing Rate: 10
  • Clip Size: 40
  • Reload Time: 3.13

The gun will take Light Ammo, but there is no saying about where they might spawn on the Fortnite island. The weapon is reminiscent of the Machine Pistol that was leaked in 2019 that was even nerfed before it could ever come out.

At the time dataminer, ‘HYPEX’ noted it would have a fire rate and spread of 14 & 0.25, 14 & 0.25, 14 & 0.25, and a post-nerf damage of 15, 16, or 17, depending on its rarity.

This is all we know about the Fortnite Leaked Mystique Mythic weapon “Dual Auto Pistols” we will update you on our Twitter handle if we find anything more about this new weapon.

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