Data miners have leaked Fortnite Frozen exotic SMG from the latest v15.30 update, according to data miners these weapons are currently in-available in-game but might make their way soon. Here is everything we know about this unreleased weapon.

Before the Fortnite v15.30 update Epic Games announced that they will be releasing two new
exotic weapons with this update, these exotic weapons were the Chug Cannon and the Burst Quad Rocket Launcher – you can buy both of them from NPCs around the map.

However, what they did not announce was that there is another hidden exotic weapon
added to the games files, named as the Frozen SMG. Unfortunately, players have not
found any traces of it on the map and speculations says that it is currently not available.

While this is no surprise as Epic adds these unreleased weapons code into the game files
prior to their release everytime, what is surprising is the fact that it is all ready to be
released with stats, textures, and the works.

Fortnite Leaked Frozen exotic SMG stats and gameplay

According to reliable Fortnite leakers HYPEX and iFireMonkey, we have the details of the
statistics for the new Frozen SMG. The weapon is set to use light bullets, as one might expect,
and has a reload speed of 2.1 seconds, a magazine size of 35, and deals 20 damage to other players.

Considering it is a exotic weapon, there might be some effect added with it, although that
effect is not yet clear. Previously, something called the Freeze AR was leaked, which
reportedly gave players shot by it a Chiller effect. It’s possible that this SMG has a similar effect.

Here is a picture of the weapon leaked by data miner HYPEX, but unfortunately we have
little to no details on the gameplay part of the weapon.

Where to find Frozen SMG?

As of now, it is impossible to grab this SMG despite being completed, the SMG has not been
released yet, but we might see a big launch in near future. However, it all depends on how
long Epic Games plans to keep it in development.

That being said, once it is available, it’ll almost certainly be sold at one of the NPCs located
around the map, as is the case with every other exotic and mythic weapon in the game and
will probably cost a good chunk of your gold bars.

These are all just speculations and might change till the time of release.

Lastly, once this weapon makes its way into the game, it would be interesting to see just
how many meta changes it brings with him. Till then, we can only wait but we will update
you if we get any further news on the topic.

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