The Agency looks after Doomsday event a new Fortnite leak reveals the post doomsday look of The Agency at the end of Season 2.

Last couple of Doomsday event leaks has been very exciting, Storm,
lightning, hurricane, Mass destruction everything is on its way to hit
The Agency, The hatches around the area has been activated and many other things.

Most important of it all is the countdown timer set for May 30 which is
supposed to be the timer for Doomsday device to go off, and here is a
new leak which reveals The Agency looks after Doomsday event hits the

The Agency looks after Doomsday event destruction

The Agency has been a hot drop zone since its introduction in Season 2,
however it is going under a huge change after this Doomsday event.

As everyone predicted that The Agency will be playing a big role in the
event, the pictures also says the same, Data miner FNLeaksandInfo shares
the post destruction images of the area on Twitter.

However there is no confirmation on what is going to happen and how
badly will it hit the island but let’s take a look at the pictures.


The post Doomsday images show mass destruction on The Agency,
we can clearly see holes and broken walls all around and barely the flag
is standing in one piece.

Moreover, to be clear The Agency is not moved to the pleasant park it is where
the Data miner has decided to render it and it will be in its original position
in the game.


Does this image means that the map will be the same and only the
places will change just like Apex Legends World’s Edge where we
saw the demolition of Skull Town and etc.

It does conclude that many other places are also likely to get changes
like this, but it is just a matter time between today and doomsday event
day and we will get to know everything about it on May 30 finally.

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