A new Fortnite leak suggests Midas Halloween comeback in the games in an undead form for the 2020 Fortnitemares event.

Midas was one of the most popular characters of the game but after his
death to a shark in June 2020, he has vanished from the game, however
he is still part of the community because of his Flopper (Midas Flopper).

Midas Flopper converts all your inventory items into Gold after getting
caught, it is the only thing keeping the Spy Boss alive in players heart.

But if leaks are to belive then this all is going to change very soon, Epic
has confirmed a new Iron Man-Esque Midas outfit in the “Last Laugh”
bundle which will be available for players later this year.

Midas Halloween Comeback

After the release of this bundle, data miners have found certain clues
about Midas Halloween Comeback and his Henchmen crawling their way back into the
game from dead and making a spooky October appearance.

As revealed by known leakers, HYPEX and intercelluar, an unfinished Midas NPC is accompanied by “Ghost Ghost Henchman” files in the game. Given the henchman’s ghost moniker and possible “Pumpkin Launcher” weapon, all these details sum up with Midas and co. revisiting the game strictly for this Halloween event.

At the time of writing this article, it is very uncertain to say anything
specific about how he will be coming back from dead and how he was
able to survive the shark attack, simply there are tons of ways this could
be possible, maybe he killed the shark while being inside her or maybe
he could have found a way to come back from dead, nothing is specific,
also, the purpose of his return is not specific maybe he is coming back to
haunt The Agency or the whole map.


As of now the only thing we know about him is from the outfit launching
with the Last Laugh bundle this year, he will have a pale and scarred
look with some serious Iron Man energy.

The 2020 Halloween event will be the third annual iteration and players
are hoping to see more than just any PvE monsters being added to the
game same as last year, they are expecting Epic Games to tie up the
event with the current running story of the game more deeply.

As per Midas Halloween Comeback, we have to wait a bit to know everything about his survival and purpose of return.

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