Fortnite Jerky Event which is said to be the next biggest Fortnite in-game event is now leaked ahead of time, and here is everything we know about this event – map changes, cosmetics and release date.

On April 12 something strange happened, somehow there was #RIPFORTNITE trending
worldwide and this was so sad to watch. This is because players were reporting that the
game has become dry in recent times, and they aren’t having any fun playing the game.

On April 15 Fortnite released v12.40 update with many map changes and new cosmetics
but as every new update comes with some back end files that aren’t visible for players but
are there for future events.


So the same happened with this update, as soon as the update rolled out Data miner’s
started digging into the game files and found many new cool cosmetics and skins which
are said to be released in future events. Also, Data miner ‘Lucas7yoshi’ has found a possible leak for an upcoming big event.

When is Fortnite’s Jerky event release date?

For the Fortnite Jerky release date, there is no official confirmation from Epic Games as of

Recently Fortnite did a crossover event with Marvel antihero Deadpool, where we saw a wide
range of skins, cosmetics and Deadpool theme Yacht arriving in the game.

And hopefully, Jerky event will have more than that.

Fortnite leaked Jerky event details

Leaks are always not 100% accurate but they do hold some value in the gaming industry and
the data miner who has leaked this event ‘Lucas7yoshi’ is one of the most trusted data
miners in the community, so these leaks aren’t 100% inaccurate and we can witness some part of it soon.

He revealed everything he found on this event in game’s files on April 15 in a tweet “Massive”

He says An event currently just called “Jerky” is in the works, relevant to previous tweet. The playlist used for The End, Marshmello, etc was modfied with the name Jerky.”

He also revealed a description which says that “There’s no goal score before the event. Hang out and have fun before the event starts.”

The data miner also revealed a code ‘BP_SkyJerk’ added to game files which is said to shake the sky in Fortnite.

What exactly this event is?

Fortnite has been dropping many hints across the map for a ‘Doomsday’ event lately, with
many new things added onto the map like the addition of hatches around agency, changes in
game’s menu and many more.

Or this may be the Travis Scott event, or concert because lately there were images of a possible Travis Scott skins leaked.

And according to players, the concert will be the same as of Marshmello event held back in
February 2019.

The skin was leaked by very renowned data miner ‘HYPEX

Well, there are a lot of hints pointing towards this Fortnite Jerky event but nothing can be
trusted until official confirmation from Epic Games.

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