Fortnite Hand Cannon model updated before Season 3 starts and Season 2 ends after being the longest Fortnite Season ever.

Fortnite Season 2 is the longest ever Fortnite season it was supposed
to end on April 30, extended to June 3, however, there has been a lot
of new quests, events, skins, crossovers in this season.

But there is still a lot to happen in the next two weeks, there is a Doomsday
event coming up which no one knows exactly what it is, no one knows what
Season 3 will be like But a Fortnite player claims that the most infamous
Fortnite Hand Cannon model is now updated ahead of Season 3 and that it
will make a reappearance in Season 3.


The original version of Hand Cannon was vaulted at the beginning of Season 2
but you can still equip that in the creative mode, however, players are
reporting that there has been some model work done on the weapons and
sources are now suggesting that they might make a reappearance in Season 3.

Fortnite Hand Cannon model Updated

On May 27, Redditor PM092 shared an image of the hand cannon in Creative, showing its model has been significantly changed.


The major change that is noticable is its color it has become much darker in color, with the original grey being replaced by a much darker shade. Other changes made include more rivets and a more obvious hammer and rear-sight.

However there is no official confirmation on whether it will return in
Season 3 or not, this can mean that the update was for creative mode
only or that Epic wanted players to have a new version of Hand Cannon
to try out.

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