Fortnite Green Arrow skin and cosmetics have leaked from the crew members pack which was supposed to release in January for subscribed users.

Fortnite monthly Crew subscription pack was released in late November giving players a new way
to buy multiple in-game cosmetics and stuff in a bundle. In this monthly subscription pack players
gets access to full battle pass, 1000 V-Bucks, and an exclusive cosmetic bundle every single month –
which gets new items every month. This all comes at a price of $11.99.

But, recently Epic has to take down his service because of some issue with the subscription pack
and had to disable users from signing up for the subscription pack.

This was because of an in-game leak of the Green Arrow skin that was supposed to be released for Crew members in the month of January.

Fortnite Green Arrow skin leaked in-game

According to @arusaurZ_YT, the Green Arrow skin has been leaked to certain player’s accounts in Fortnite accidentally. The DC themed cosmetic was scheduled to release as January’s exclusive skin for Crew members. However, for whatever reason the skin has been released early, allowing players to use the cosmetic in-game a month in advance.

Some of the fans were quick enough to record a video of them using the skins and from what it looks
in the video – the skin suits the character very well and it may soon become one of the most used skins
among fans.


As shown in the above image, the pack includes the skin, quiver back bling, and a boxing glove pickaxe.
It’s definitely not the most extravagant cosmetic bundle, but it’s guaranteed to impress any fans of the
DC universe.

It is now onto Epic Games whether they bring a whole new skin in their January bundle update – which
is fairly not possible, so we may see a lot of un-subscriptions because the skin is already available in-game.

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