Fortnite Golden Peely skin requirements are annoying and players are requesting for a new XP System in the near future.

Epic Games is trying their hard to keep players busy with something
until Season 3 kicks off, but it looks like they have messed up the
Golden Peely skin.

Fortnite Golden Peely skin new requirements need players to reach level 350,
most of the players have never seen anything like this.

Epic Games keeps rolling out new events and weekly challenges for players
to earn XP and level up their Battle Pass to unlock items, like Storm the Agency
challenge or secret objectives hidden challenges, everybody gets equal time
to grab those easy to claim XPs by performing some tasks.


Fortnite Golden Peely skin requirements

There are many ways broken down by Reddit user ‘zMuska,’ to earn XP, without
buying 100 level battle pass in the Season Battle Pass, it could take upwards of 2000 hours to unlock Golden Peely. Even with every XP challenge ticked off throughout the entire season, you would need approximately 15,302 “good games” with a full squad to boot.

If we estimate the time it would take 19 hours a day play each season for
players to reach that level and it is not possible for anyone to play 19
hours a day.


“Basically can’t get it unless you bought 100 tiers off the bat,” one player responded. “This encourages people to play an unhealthy amount,” another said. While some simply labeled the challenge as “absurd.”

The fastest method of reaching that level is by playing Team Rumble
it will still take 406 hours of your time if you play very well each single game
“loot chests, and get lots of kills.”

Because of this “unrealistic” requirement players are requesting Epic games
to adjust XP system in future updates or in Season 3 update.

Fortnite Season 3 is slightly delayed yesterday, the season will now start from
June 11 a week later than expected.

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