Fortnite Doomsday event “Mida’s masterplan is ready to unfold” – Storm, Lightning, Hurricane and massive destruction in on its way to the island.

Fortnite players should embrace themselves for the biggest disaster on
the island since Season 10’s black hole event, Doomsday Device is finally
ready after months of being inside Mida’s room in The Agency.

According to the newly data miner files from v12.61 patch, Mida’s masterplan is ready to unfold” and there will be a lot of destruction in Fortnite Dooomsday event – Storms, Lightning, Hurricane, flood etc.

The leaks are provided by two reliable data miners FortTory and VastBlast
soon after the downtime.

Fortnite Doomsday event – Storm, Lightning

According to data miners, there are multiple new gameplay cues added to
the back end of the game files in Fortnite. The “athena.event” which includes
code include hurricanes, lightning strikes, heavy winds, huge storms, and more.

There are also some rare code trings that goes perfectly with the upcoming
Doomsday event, it includes “gravity rocks,” “energy impacts,” and even a
“final teleport” all of them will possibly contribut to the destruction of Season 2.

Fortnite The Agency changes

There are another bunk of leak files which suggests that The Agency will
also be destroyed because of this event, the file shows a “hole” below
The Agency and broken walls which could mean that it will explode amidst Doomsday event.

The possible guess of the appearance of new hole is when Mida’s will
activate the Doomsday device it will create so much power that it will also
explode The Agency.

Leaked Storm audio files in Fortnite

Lastly, VastBlast reveals a audio file of two minutes long, in the audio
file we can hear Galeforce wind and emergency sirens going off in the

Apart from these sounds players can hear other panic sounds in the
background, this could be a part of upcoming event.

After this update, there are a lot of reports regarding the Storm breaking patterns many players believe that Midas is messing up with the Storm.

There is still no official confirmation from Epic games on any of these but we are pretty sure that all these leaked files are relating to each other and all of them are the part of upcoming Doomsday event which will destroy the Island.

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