After the recent v12.30 patch update Data miners have found many clues pointing towards another Fortnite Doomsday Event, and here is everything we know so far.

On March 31 Fortnite rolled out a patch update bringing a lot of skins and cosmetics to the
game – most likely a Deadpool theme.

As Fortnite is facing a lot of criticism from its old content creators and pro players they are
now spicing things up in Season 2.

In the v12.30 patch note files data miners found a ton of exciting things which may change
circumstances for Fortnite. They have introduced Deadpool Battle Bus, Kingsman umbrella, Deadpool Yachts and many more items.

Now, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is fixed to end on April 30 meaning we only have one
more month to complete challenges.

In the v12.30 patch files, data miners also found a ton of clues pointing towards a ‘DoomsDay event’.

Dataminer FortTory revealed that he has found three doomsday items – a Doomsday Device, Doomsday Hatch, and Doomsday Door which may make their way soon into Battle Pass menu. These items can be a clue for an upcoming event which may change how Fortnite is right now.

Fortnite DoomsDay secret rooms

According to FortTroy ‘Midas’ are behind this whole crisis. because there are two rooms
leaked from the games file – One is from ‘Midas’ upcoming room and another one is from
‘DoomsDay’ room.

“Some are still confused about some things.
There are currently 5 hatches around the Agency in the water. The Device is nowhere to be found YET. But it will most likely pop up in the Doom Room which we probably can access via Midas his room. “The Rooms in the Menu” – he says in a tweet

All the 5 hatches are present underwater and placed in a way to secure ‘The Agency’ island.
These hatches can play a similar role as ‘Porta Potty’ which allowed players to move from one
place to another. But where these hatches lead is still unknown.

There are 5 hatches securing The Agency island

Fortnite DoomsDay Device

FortTroy reveals that the ‘Doomsday’ device will cover the map and maybe destroy the whole map.

The position showed in the video is not the original position.

This can be a good sign or a bad sign – because if that happens then DoomsDay event will be an end of V2 and we may see a new version of Fortnite in Season 3.

We are very much sure that Doomsday event will happen because someone’s lobby glitched out and showed the first stage of preparation.

Well, as for now we can only wait but if this all is true then there are two upcoming events
one if Deadpool and another one being DoomsDay.

And if that is so then this month is full of exciting challenges. We will keep you posted for any further information.

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