Fortnite Doomsday event countdown has begun and many new details about this event is leaked and it looks like Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 end will also end the Chapter 2 and create a big disaster on the map.

Apart from skins and cosmetics or challenges, the thing that makes Fortnite stand apart
from other Battle Royale games is events and since its release, Fortnite has hosted a
number of events and live concerts for players like “Marshmello event” in Season 1 and
the most recent “Travis Scott Astronomical event”.

And we may already have all the information about the next big event “Doomsday Event”.
Fortnite is teasing a Doomsday event for a very long time and this is big it can change
how we see Fortnite right now starting from The Agency.

What is the Fortnite Doomsday event?

From all the information we have from Data miners it is said that this will be a mayday
for Fortnite Chapter 2 and the recent information from Data miner, HYPEX suggests that
it is named as “Fritter” in the game files.

Fritter has a lot of meaning and one of them is to “divide something into small pieces,”
and from past leaks, we know that Epic Games are placing “Hatches” around
The Agency and the theory behind it is when this event starts it will destroy the map
completely and players will evacuate through these hatches placed underwater around
The Agency.

How Doomsday event will start?

There are a lot of theories surrounding this topic but according to HYPEX, before
starting this event Fortnite will trigger three “event flags” to signal the oncoming
Doomsday event.

Well, as this is going to be a secret event so there is not much information on how it
will start but we do have a good guess about it and here are the three trigger flags.

  • The Doomsday Device disappearing from Midas’ room and possibly being placed elsewhere on the map
  • The event countdown (more information on that below)
  • A “KeyDeliveryCalendarEvent”, which doesn’t have a clear meaning but could be the actual trigger of the event.

Fortnite Doomsday event countdown

Apart from this information, Leaked information also shows a timer hovering over
The Agency directly in the middle of the map.

Well, this certainly doesn’t mean the start of Doomsday event, this can be anything and
to know what it is we should better gather there when it hits zero on the timer.

HYPEX himself confirms that the countdown is wrong as it is set for 11 hours from now
However, there is no official confirmation for even the timer so saying that this is the
timer for Doomsday event will be wrong, And to know what exactly it is we recommend
you keep an eye on The Agency for couple of days.

Well, this all is a leak so we recommend you to take it with a grain of salt but the data
miner has a strong back record about leaks so keep your eye on any further information
or changes on The Agency because it surely will change the map entirely.

Fortnite Season 3 is likely to start from June 4 and our best guess is if anything like this is
about to happen then it will happen in this 15 days window.

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