Epic Games is planning to introduce 9 new Fortnite consumables as data miners have found them in 12.20 update game’s files.

We have seen many of these consumable items introducing in Fortnite, like apple, mushroom etc.

Well, these consumable don’t hold that much priority than any new weapon introduced in every update, but this time it seems like these consumables will perform a big role on the map.

Almost everything from v12.20 update is leaked including Skins, cosmetics and new weapons.

But, one of the famous dataminer ‘iFireMonkey‘ revealed nine new consumable tags added in the back end of the game files after v12.20 update.

Credit: Fortnite intel

9 new Fortnite consumables Leaked

From bananas to brand new types of mushrooms, nine consumables have been uncovered and while some appear to be rehashes of former items, many of them are brand new with unknown effects.

Old Fortnite players must be familiar with apples and mushrooms for healing purpose but banana, cabbage, corn and pepper all are new consumable items and can be added sometime soon in-game.

Moreover, there are two new mushrooms shield mushrooms and slurp mushrooms which resemble similar to old ‘slurpmushrooms’ which heals 10hp peruse but these looks like they will be somewhat different from them.


The most unique consumables from all other consumables introducing in Fortnite is “Apple Sun”.

Apple sun works differently than any other of nine consumables, it won’t heal you or anything instead it will only activate when you jump and provide you with some boost or maybe fly you to a different part.

And finally, there is no confirmation on when you can use these nine consumables in Fortnite and how they will perform in-game.

But one thing is for sure if these items make there way in-game we will have a lot of items to play around in-game.

We will keep you posted if we find any other details from v12.20 update.

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