Fortnite has just enabled its new in-game event “Cameo vs Chic Challenges” and here is a cheat sheet with all the locations on the map.

On January 30 Fortnite brought in there next Overtime mission challenges for players at level 80 in Fortnite Season 1 battle pass, “Cameo vs Chic challenges“, with a special skin style reward for those who can complete nine till the end of this overtime challenge.

Players can also earn more than 500,000 XP points to reach maximum Battle Pass level and earn tier 100 skin before Fortnite Season 2 starts on February 20.

Fortnite Cameo vs Chic challenges rewards

Well, with all of these rewards, everyone will try to complete all 10 of the challenges but, it won’t be easy as it seems because challenges will become tough and tough as you move forward, and it will consume a lot of time but you do not need to worry.

Fortnite Cheat Sheet – Cameo vs Chic Challenges

Because to help all of you TheSquattingDog has once again released a full detailed map with all the locations marked on it.

Cameo vs Chic challenges tasks includes scaling mountains to dance on their summits, finding hidden gnomes, visiting outdoor cinemas and lonely recliners, and even destroying telescopes which are littered across the island.

Fortnite Cameo vs Chic Overtime challenges cheatsheet

One good news about this is you still have a lot of time to complete this challenge and earn rewards, as Epic Games has confirmed the further delay in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2.

We still have 19 days and more than 2 weeks for next season to start, so we might see another set of overtime challenges in the near future.

At first Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 was to start in February first week.

But, Epic games later delayed the start date of the next season with introduction of new overtime challenge “Cameo vs Chic”.

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