Recently Fornite has released chapter 2 after going black for a couple of days. In this article, I have listed all the measures you should take to unlock Fortnite chapter 2 season 1 achievements.

New achievements are one of the big modification in Fortnite chapter 2. There are max 52 achievements to unlock.

Double Trouble” achievement unlock this achievement by 10 Victory Royale in Duo matches.

I’m Trash” can be unlocked by just being the worst part of you.

There are a couple of achievements which are super simple to achieve one of them is “In the zone

In order to unlock this achievement, you need to land in the First Safe Zone.

There are also many difficult achievements also like “Squad Goals” which requires 100 squad victory royale.

Another difficult achievement is “Rise and Grind” which can be unlocked by reaching 250 level in season 1.

Hide the pain can be unlocked after you use a bandage to heal yourself while being in the storm.

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Pier Fishing can be unlocked by catching a fish from the sweaty sands pier.

Can I speak to a Manager? unlock it by destroying 20 Fish stick restaurant decoration.

All you can eat sashimi unlocked after eating all the fish and 2 plastic lobsters.

Below is the list of all achievements you can unlock and how to unlock Fortnite chapter 2 “Season 1”

  • Let Yourself Down – Eliminate yourself by fall damage.
  • Collecting Rust – Harvested 999 Metal in a single match.
  • I’m Trash – Just the worst.
  • In the Zone – Landed inside the starting safe zone.
  • Who’s a Good Doggo? – You’re a good doggo. Yes, you are!
  • Were You Raised in a Barn!? – Got revived inside the Frenzy Farm barn.
  • Double Trouble – Won 10 Duos matches during Season 1.
  • Champion! – Won 10 Solo matches during Season 1.
  • Squad Goals – Won 100 Squads matches during Season 1.
  • Cabin Fever – You’ve been in this cabin a long time.
  • Mission Complete! – Completed all Missions during Season 1.
  • Bushwacker – Destroyed 500 Holly Hedges.
  • Trophy Hunter – Eliminated an opponent with a Mythic Goldfish.
  • Tourist Trap – Eliminated an opponent with a Trap in Misty Meadows.
  • You’ve Hit a Brick Wall – Harvested 999 Stone in a single match.
  • Hittin’ the Hay – Hid in the hay.
  • Salt Bae – Been droppin’ Salty.
  • Desperate Times – You picked up a Common Pistol.
  • A Kick in the Grass – Scored a goal in the Pleasant Park soccer field.
  • Two Can Play That Game – Won 100 Duos matches during Season 1.
  • Victorious! – Won 100 Solo matches during Season 1.
  • Team Player – Won a Team Rumble match during Season 1.
  • Carrying the Team – You carried a teammate for 50 meters.
  • On A Mission! – Completed your first Season 1 Mission.
  • WARNING! – Slurpfish contain 4,000% of your daily recommended toxic waste.
  • Quick & Dirty – Eliminated an opponent in Dirty Docks within 60 seconds of jumping from the Battle Bus.
  • Submarine Submachine – Eliminated an opponent with an SMG while in water.
  • Woodchuck – Harvested 999 Wood in a single match.
  • Got ‘Em! – Eliminated an opponent who just opened a Supply Drop.
  • Lifeguard – Revive a knocked out teammate while in water.
  • Giving 110% – Reached Level 110 during Season 1.
  • Dodged a Bullet – Used a Medkit while at 1 Health.
  • Savour the W-Key – Won a Solo match with at least 10 eliminations.
  • Dream Team – Won a Squads match during Season 1.
  • In the Winner’s Circle – Won 100 Team Rumble matches during Season 1.
  • No one will believe you caught this. – Caught a Mythic Goldfish.
  • Sleep with the Fishes – Eliminated by a Mythic Goldfish.
  • Raw and Wiggling – Ate a Small Fry or a Flopper.
  • Going Nuclear – Eliminated 235 opponents at Steamy Stacks.
  • Gunk Ops – Gained 10,000 Health or Shield from Slurpy Swamp.
  • Friendly Fire – Healed teammates for 1,000 HP with the Bandage Bazooka.
  • New Island. Who Dis? – Landed on the new island for the first time.
  • Impossible! – You opened 7 chests at a drive-in theatre in a single match?!
  • Rise & Grind – Reached Level 250 during Season 1.
  • One True Pairing – Won a Duos match during Season 1.
  • Your Time to Shine – Won a Solo match during Season 1.
  • 10-4 Good Buddies – Won 10 Squads matches during Season 1.
  • Nice to Yeet You – You Yeeted an opponent.

This was all for the how-to unlock Fortnite Chapter 2 achievements.

Source: Forbes