Fortnite 12.20 patch notes are ready to roll out in-game with plenty of new weapons and helicopter.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 made a lot of changes on the map with the addition of helipads in different parts of the island.

These helipads are proof of upcoming flying vehicle on the island.

In the past, Flying vehicles were tested many times.

Like  X-4 Stormwing planes or Quadcrashers but none of them worked for too long.

But after the implementation of helipads on the island it is very much clear that Fortnite is all set to add Choppers in-game and this time they will be there permanently.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 made a lot of changes on the island

However, Fortnite’s rival PUBG Mobile also added helicopters in-game just a couple of months back and it didn’t go well, we hope this won’t be the case with Fortnite.

Aside from this, Fortnite 12.20 patch notes also state that a couple of new weapons are also coming to Fortnite, as well as potential bug fixes to the game, now let’s look on when will these updates start to make there way in-game.

When is Fortnite patch 12.20 coming? Start time & downtime

Epic Games have confirmed that their next major update, patch v12.20, is coming on March 17 with downtime. As seen in their tweet below, downtime will begin at 8am GMT (4am EST, 9am CET, and 7pm AET).

Fortnite v12.20 early patch notes – Details


Helicopter “Choppa” is finally activated in-game.


As mentioned earlier hints confirm that Fortnite is all set to release Helicopter.

Helipads are all around the island

All the hints whether it is Helicopter jumping around in Chapter 1 to Helipads installation on the island to leaked audio files were Helicopter are mentioned.

Now, all of you can enjoy the new transport system available in-game the ‘Choppa’.

This new vehicle will help players make unique gameplay and it would be fun to watch what players are capable of doing with this helicopter.

Some early rumours were suggesting that choppa will carry only one player at a time but it is now clear that it is capable of carrying the whole squad around the island.

Here are some pictures of Choppa.

The Spy Games

Fortnite 12.20 patch note also continues Fortnite’s secret agent them which you can access by dropping into the Operation: Dropzone Limited Time Mode.

Players who will be playing this LTM can unlock perks using the new Tech system which will give them an upper hand in spy games.


New weapons

Data miners have again done there job finding leaks about next weapons to make there way in-game.

After the end of patch note installation downtime, leakers started to dig deep down into games files and found out a couple of interesting weapons which will soon make there way in-game.

Hypex revealed two scoped assault rifles.

Although it is not confirmed whether these weapons will be implemented in-game or not yet, it is confirmed that one of these will surely make there way in-game.

Bug fixes

After the release of Chapter 2 players were experiencing a lot of bugs and glitches which spoiled their gaming experience.

And it is no secret that Fortnite will surely fix some of these bugs in this 12.20 patch note.

These are some of the bugs which will be getting some fixes for sure.

  • Auto-Sprint not resuming once stopped.
  • Locker is missing the vault banner.
  • Low detail on buildings and structures in Fortnite.
  • Player markers not working as they should (placed too far away).
  • Players getting stuck inside Fortnite’s Porta Pottys.
  • Players unable to use the navigation buttons at the end of a match, such as returning to the lobby, reporting players, or going to the Item Shop.
  • Unable to place traps when the icon hasn’t loaded up.

Well, there are still a lot of bugs that are not here but at least some are receiving fix. We hope soon others will also get some fixes.

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