PerlaBabe‘ Female Streamer gets emotional and started crying on stream on January 11 after she was partnered by Twitch.

PerlaBabe a 19-year-old Twitch Streamer has over 22,000 followers, you must have seen her in Just Chatting section or in some games like Fortnite.

Streamer regardless of having a 22k follower base wasn’t partnered with Twitch until January 11.


For those of you who do not know what twitch partnership is, let me help you.

Twitch partnership is a program or deal or contracts whatever you say for “creators who streams a variety of content on their channel like talk shows, games and anything that you can imagine” it enables streamers to earn subscriptions and bits from their viewers as well as a shared amount from the advertisements shown on their channel.

Moreover, it is said that those Twitch Creators under Twitch partnership can become a full-time streamer and earn a good living.

And this is the dream of many creators- including Perla, who cried on stream on January 11 expressing her emotions regarding Twitch partnership program.

Streamer gets Emotional after getting Twitch Partnership

She used to work as an exotic dancer in clubs – job mentioned by Perla and now being a Twitch partner means she can quit this job and become a full-time streamer.

“I do it because I need the money,” she explained while clearly emotional. “If I could just do this [streaming] full time it would make me so happy. So I thank you guys so much.” 

in one of her another stream she thanked her audience for their support, describing them as “so sweet”.

“Every time I feel sad I just stream,” the 19-year old said. “You guys make me feel better. There’s days where people make me feel like sh*t. But you guys have been making me feel so good and I appreciate that so much.”

Streamer also gets emotional while tweeting about this on January 11.

“So I thank you guys for that – for bringing happiness to me,” she finished her statement crying.

This shows how much Twitch partnership means to creators streaming on the platform.

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